Our Attorneys
The Tran Law Firm are experienced Texas overtime lawyers who aggressively prosecute our clients’ rights in a professional manner. We will investigate the complaint an employee brings to us and will sue employers to collect unpaid overtime, unpaid compensation, and illegal deductions under the Fair Labor Standards Act and under state law.

What do we do?

The Tran Law Firm represents individuals against large companies in complex, class and collective action lawsuits for wage and hour violations. While we do file FLSA minum wage and overtime lawsuits on behalf of individuals, we excell at making small cases into class action overtime lawsuits. In the process of protecting workers’ rights, the overtime lawyers at the Tran Law Firm have  made case law on minimum wage and overtime cases.  Below are typical wage and hour lawsuits that we handle:
  • Failure to pay overtime to nonexempt employees (time and a half pay for work preformed beyond 40 hours a week)
  • Failure to pay wages earned and due, including sales commission
  • Failure to pay minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees ($7.25 as of July 24, 2009)
  • Improper classification of a worker, resulting in unfair pay
  • Improper classification of exempt versus nonexempt employees
  • Forcing employees to work through meal or breaks
  • An employer using your tip pool to pay non-tipped employees

Why Choose the Tran Law Firm?

What makes the Tran Law Firm different is that we are Trial Lawyers who have both the knowledge of overtime laws and the trial  skills and experience to succeed in the courtroom. The firm is centrally located Houston, Texas and has a national practice, litigating and arbitrating cases throughout the country.

What States Do We Work In?

We help workers in overtime and minimum wage lawsuits all over the country. We are able to do this because we travel extensively and work with local counsel.


The overtime lawyers of the Tran Law Firm represents clients who have not been fairly paid. If you think you are owed back pay or had illegal deductions made from your wages, contact the overtime lawyers at the Tran Law Firm to review your overtime case.

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