Time You Stayed Late at the Job Site, Without a Specific Request From Your Boss is considered compensable time

If you are working overtime- even without having it approved by your boss- and your boss knows you are working the overtime and does not prevent it, your employer cannot later claim you did not receive permission for working overtime. It does not matter why the employee is working overtime.

An employee may voluntarily continue to work at the end of the shift
He/She may be a pieceworker
He/She may desire to finish an assigned task or he may wish to correct errors.
He/She may wish to prepare time reports or other records.

In all cases it is the duty of the employer to exercise its control and see that the work is not performed if it does not want it to be performed. They cannot sit back and accept the benefits without compensating for them. Your employer has the power to enforce the rule and must make every effort to do so.